ICCBHG Conference

I just attended the ICCBHG, the International Conference on Congo Basin Hunter Gatherers in France, a meeting of specialists on the people living in the Congo Basin in Central Africa (www.cefe.cnrs.fr/ibc/Conference/ICCBHG.htm).

I was very lucky, as it was the first time in ten years that the conference took place, and it has been an amazing week, where I learned so much about Central Africa, its peoples and the current political issues as well as practical stuff I will face when I travel there. I also gave my first academic talk…

The best thing was that I got to share all the information and the excitement with my friend and colleague Cathryn, who will also be working with the Baka (like me), but she will be doing her field research in Cameroon, where the majority of the Baka live.

Cathryn and me enjoying the Mediterranean sights of Montpellier, South of France

4 Responses to ICCBHG Conference

  1. hala kilani says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this so awesoooooooome i love the idea of sharin lke this! and lovin observing a doctor in makin! thks so much D for lettin us take part of this!
    i can seee my pic on the screen!!! wohoooooo its as if i was there with youuuuuuu!
    go go go Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  2. Cheron says:

    Hip hip hooray! Good for you for drawing on your own resources and the people around you! Such an adventure, my dear…

  3. Cathryn Townsend says:

    May this be the first of our many travel photos together! Good luck with your final preparations Doerte, and see you soon in Cameroon or Gabon.

  4. june says:

    Doerte–loving your blog site which I just opened today.
    As mentioned, in the dash to get off on my trip, no
    time before now to enter the immediacy of your photos
    and blog. It’s rich. Be missing you in London–my first trip there since we met that you will not be apart of.
    I’m filled with happiness at your life and journey!
    Love, June

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