Going on a one-year trip to the jungle necessitates quite some preparation. Many people have already given incredible support, and over the last few days, I started taking photos of some of them…

Juergen took me on a ‘forest orienteering course’, in a large woodland setting in between Cologne and the old German capital Bonn …

Juergen explaining the finer points of using a compass

Returning from our 'expedition' with beautiful fresh mushrooms for dinner

My local chemist Uschi patiently explained to me the purpose of medications I have done everything to avoid for the last ten years. It seems a good idea to take them though; the jungle bugs might be stronger than me, at first.

Uschi's expert advice left me feeling really confident, and healthy

After due consideration, I decided to get a second-hand so-called Toughbook, a laptop which is supposed to withstand humidity and other extreme conditions. Getting the Toughbook was a little adventure in itself, travelling to Mönchengladbach, a town about 45 mins north of Cologne, where shop-owner Alex introduced me to the technology of tablet PCs.

Alex with my new 'jungle data box'

My 'Toughbook' business look

One Response to Preparations

  1. Kathrin Pieren says:

    This sounds all exciting. How much preparation is involved is simply amazing. As a stay-at-home PhD student I can only marvel at all the technological issues (and many other practical ones, let’s not forget the language you are studying) that you have to consider before you leave.

    I hope that you will get the response you are hoping for on this blog. It looks great. I am sure you will be able to use it as a resource in the writing up of your thesis.

    All the very best for your research trip in Gabon. Take care and enjoy this extraordinary opportunity to get to know a new culture and many new interesting people.

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