Hello world!

Keeping up with the title given by wordpress, hello world! I am about to spend one year with the Baka, a group of forest foragers who live in the tropical rainforest in Gabon in Central Africa. This project is the fieldwork part of my PhD, but more importantly a ten-year old dream come true. I am very excited, and decided I would like to use a blog to document my experiences and share them with you. I have never blogged before, and am not sure how often I will be able to post once in the field, so I hope you will just enjoy the posts as they come.


2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. doerte106 says:

    hello, this is a test reply xx

  2. diana says:

    dear Doerte,
    the site is looking good, please try to add on to it whenever you can. I will keep up with it.
    Good luck to you girls! Sorry I am not able to be with you in the rainforest this year.. but will do when the time is right.
    You’ll find a letter from me at your univ address before you depart.
    always with you,
    Diana x

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